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We wouldn't have our solutions without your needs, so this page is all about you.

Basically, you need branded content that doesn’t make people want to throw their phone in the trash. You’re a daring company looking to push your marketing further. You see the value in creating content that not only reflects your brand but gives your viewers an experience, not a sales tactic. We help craft these experiences only with brands ready to take risks, push limits and not be afraid to feel.


Are you an agency? We like you too. Consider us an extension of your team – that experienced producer you always wish you had, with all the hottest connections to talent next door and around the world. Your agency doesn’t do video? Now is the perfect time to start! We’ve helped agencies with no previous video experience create hair-raising content their clients have been searching for. Let’s chat on how we can collaborate with your team to create content we all love watching.


Carleton University needed a video campaign for their Communications Engineering program. Instead of highlighting all the aspects that make the school great, we went deep into why this program is important and how students with this degree can make an impact on the world. Our process after defining the why is creating the how. How did we communicate this to their audience? To appeal to their tech-savvy audience, we structured our edit to be fast-paced, tech-focused, glitchy, and a complete internet overload. Real graduates, professors, history about communication and examples provided the audience with all the info, but we kept them engaged with expression and style.


Knowing where this campaign would be advertised was important in this process; it allowed us to define concepts and cuts that are effective for their appropriate platforms – the big screen at Cineplex, the small screen in your living room and the even smaller screen in your hand. By taking a creative approach instead of a strictly factual, informative direction, the video peaked interest and generated a positive response for the program. Reach out if you’re interested in learning more about the success of this campaign! 



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