K Collective is a video production company based in Ottawa, On, specializing in brand media, live action, animation, 3D graphics, explainer videos, and creative narrative content.

We tell stories that break down emotional barriers, cut through the nonsense, and connect with people on a human level. Emotion is at the heart of everything we do. Every time we create, we want to make people feel something. Delving deep into what makes us human, we craft an experience that connects your audience to your brand. Your brand serves a purpose and your video should too. We strive to leave your audience wanting more with the highest production value – if the hairs on your arms aren’t raised, we aren’t doing our job right.

Successful brands know their audience. Daring brands understand their audience and create content that moves them.

We help brands craft this experience.


Here's How

We Fly 2020 Web Series Trailer

Watch the latest episode of the WE FLY series here.

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